Download our BF4 Hack for Battlefield 4!

Our BF4 Hack is now available! If you’re looking for a fully featured Battlefield 4 hack that’s undetected by punkbuster, look no further! We’ve worked tirelessly to build great features into our hack, while maintaining user safety and avoiding punkbuster scans and cleaning screenshots.

Don’t settle for second best. Our hack features a precision bone aimbot, multiple ESP options, In-game auto-spotting battle tags, Player radar and more.  We’re actively working on adding new features to our hack regularly; you get what you pay for!


battlefield-4-hack-screenshot-1 battlefield-4-hack-screenshot-2 battlefield-4-hack-screenshot-3 battlefield-4-hack-screenshot-4

BF4 Hack Features:

  • Precision Bone Aimbot
  • Multiple Aiming Features: Aimkey, FOV, Aimmode, Select Bone
  • Name ESP
  • Distance ESP
  • Health ESP
  • Box ESP
  • Skeleton ESP
  • Auto-Spotting Battletags
  • Minimap Tags
  • 2D Radar
  • Easy to use in-game Menu
  • Punkbuster Detected
  • & Secret Features we’re working on

Easily load our hack with a dedicated hack launcher that ensures that your hack is not only secure, but also up to date with the latest version streamed from our servers. We make frequent updates to our hacks for game updates, bug fixes, and new feature additions. Then, configure your features through our in-game menu, and keep your personalized settings for immediate domination on any server you join.

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Secrets and Tips on Battlefield 4 Hacks

If you’re getting a hack for Battlefield 4, you want to make use of it in the fullest. And, if you’re looking for a hack, you probably want to get more kills in every game and die less. Of course a Battlefield 4 hack will help you, but even hacking requires a degree of skill, especially if you have the settings tuned to look like a legit player. When you start hacking it will take you a while to learn to make the most of the settings, and that is what this article is here to help you with.

  1. Spend a good amount of time to learn the Battlefield 4 hack settings. Ensuring you have everything configured correctly is key to using your hack to the best of your ability. For instance, if you turn on ESP nametags, boxes, distance, health, weapon tags, and every other option available – your screen will be cluttered with so much hack text that you will barely be able to see anything.
  2. Set your ESP features to the bare minimum you need. Keeping your screen clean will help you avoid missing players and information around you. Box ESP is handy, as is health information. Nametags can be useful if you are being killed by a particular player and need to watch out for them, or target them.
  3. Customize your aimbot as you need it. I personally recommend configuring your settings to look legit, as other players can spectate you. Choose a low FOV distance so that the aimbot only locks on when you are aiming right at a player. You may want to aim for centre of mass, so not every shot hits their head. Set a low aim speed if you are using a higher FOV so you do not snap to enemy targets. Finally make sure your aimbot aims at players closest to your crosshair, and not players closest to your position.
  4. Play tactically, don’t rush in. When using the Battlefield 4 cheat and you can see someone in front of you with your wallhack – it can be tempting to run straight at them. Always consider being patient. Ensuring you always approach them from behind or let them come out of cover can ensure you get a kill, and aren’t gunned down with bad luck.
  5. Make the most of vehicles. With a tank, heli or mounted machine gun, you can get a ton of kills with a hack. ESP only makes vehicle weapons more potent as you can usually kill any visible players before they can begin to damage you. It’s quite possible to not die a single time in a round as a heli gunner or tank if you have repairs available and play carefully.

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5 Tips on Battlefield 4 Hacking

Battlefield 4 Hacking Image Banner

If you’re looking forward to taking part in some Battlefield 4 hacking during the BF4 beta and release, here are a few tips to help you out!

  1. battlefield 4 hacking boxSpectating is now in Battlefield 4, and it is going to make staying under the radar while cheating much harder than before. Players will be able to spectate you, and see if your aimbot is snapping to targets, or if you are playing suspiciously. If you want to look legit, you’ll want to ensure you don’t follow players with your cursor through walls, and only activate your aimbot when you are aiming right at your enemy.
  2. Whenever a new FPS title with Punkbuster support launches, punkbuster will be going all-out, trying to detect cheats. Your best bet will be to avoid the largest hacking sites like FPSC and AA, which will be the focus of PB’s wrath. In fact, the best time to get in some Battlefield 4 hacking around launch in a battlefield game is usually during the beta, when punkbuster is disabled or only gathering data.
  3. Skip ordering premium immediately, or buying any kind of collector’s edition of the game. If you are cheating in the long term, it is likely you will be caught at least once. If you lose your account with a collector’s edition key, or premium on it, you are only throwing away money
  4. Battlefield 4 Hacking Feature Tips: Use a low FOV with your aimbot to avoid snapping between targets. Aim at the chest or neck to avoid recoil causing you to miss (unless you have no spread/no recoil features). If you have too much information on the screen from your ESP features, disable everything except for boxes and health, or any other miscellaneous features you like.
  5. Ignore people who claim you are hacking with your BF4 hack. Unless you enjoy making others rage, responding to hack accusations is completely useless and really just a waste of time. If you really want to make them cry, once they start accusing you of cheating, go out of your way to find them where-ever they are on the map and kill them repeatedly.

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BF4 Hack for Battlefield 4 Beta


Looking for a hack for the Battlefield 4 beta? You’ve come to the right place. We’re currently working on developing our hack for the upcoming beta in October. We’re working on a number of features:

Aimbot: Our BF4 Aimbot is a bone aimbot to aim at players and vehicles, letting you take headshots with any weapon, and have incredible accuracy at all times. Our aimbot will give you a huge advantage as both infantry and while using vehicles.

ESP: With enhanced sensory perception, you can see the locations of all players in Battlefield 4. See players sneaking behind your lines to capture bases, and know exactly where that sniper is. Our ESP has multiple configuration options, so you can get all the information you desire

RADAR: Get a 2D representation of the players and vehicles around you. This feature is key for snipers who may have enemy players sneaking up on them from behind. Surprise them with a face-full of bullets when they think they’re about to knife you in the back!

Our BF4 hack will be available during the beta.  To sign up for an account, visit CheatAutomation.